Seam Sealing

All concrete slabs will eventually crack. In the upper midwest how long before that happens is dependent on the type of soil the slab was poured over and how extensive site preparation was prior to pouring. Cracks in the concrete allow moisture to seep into the underlying soil. The soil can become soft and compress under the weight of the slab and traffic and in extreme cases wash the underlying soil away Extreme case of Concrete driveway collapsingleaving a void into which the slab will sink and in some cases totally collapse as seen in the image to the left. Concrete crack sealing is one way to prolong the life of your cracked concrete.

Crack sealing is achieved by filing in the cracks with a special caulk, Coulee Concrete Repair uses a traffic-grade Silicone Sealant formulated for highway, airport and bridge joints, and parking structures where high movement occurs. We prepare the repairs by making the cracks wider to accept sufficient caulk to create a water-proof seal.

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Concrete expansion joint sealed by Coulee Concrete Repair