Concrete Lifting

Concrete slab that Coulee Concrete Repair easily repairedConcrete slabs often become uneven over time. Proper preparation of the soil under the surface to be poured can extend the time before this happens but in many cases, even proper preparation cannot eliminate future damages. Freezing and thawing ground causes the ground under the slab to expand and contract. Moisture can seep under the slab and wash out enough soil to leave a void under the slab. With enough of a void the slab can even drop down.

We use polyurethane foam to lift concrete. Polyurethane foam has several advantages:

  • Polyurethane foam creates a waterproof repair
  • Polyurethane foam cures within minutes while mud-jacking can take days to cure
  • Slab prep using polyurethane foam requires much smaller holes to be drilled in the slab for injecting the foam
  • Polyurethane foam does not blend with the soil around it
  • Polyurethane foam will not wash out if exposed to moisture

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